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Benefit by hiring a professional to help with your home search.

The Withrow Group

The Withrow Group at Keller Williams Realty is located in Oldham and Jefferson County and proudly serves the entire Greater Louisville Kentucky market...

The Withrow Group at Keller Williams Realty is located in Oldham and Jefferson County and proudly serves the entire Greater Louisville Kentucky market...

Jul 1 8 minutes read

What is the benefit of hiring a professional to help with your home search? 

The largest purchase many people will make throughout their lifetime is a home. Hiring a professional who spends 40+ hours a week helping you search for your perfect match just makes sense. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Realtors are networked with other professionals in the industry.

    Why is this important? In our current market where sellers often receive multiple offers or offers with quick response deadlines, being networked is imperative. If your Realtor has good relationships with other industry professionals, they may learn about a home that is coming on the market in an area you love. This provides them the opportunity to alert you to the home before it gets exposed to the masses. A well networked agent in this market could be the difference in you securing your dream home. It could also be the difference in your home price. A well networked Realtor has the opportunity to position you as one of the first showings which could allow you to be one of the first offers. 

The Withrow Group is networked in many ways. We operate our business out of one of the largest real estate brokerages in Louisville with over 230 agents. We attend and are part of local networking groups and investor groups. We stay in conversation with other agents both inside our brokerage and out. We are also one of the Top 10 selling teams in Louisville that sold 135 homes last year. That is 135 opportunities to work well with other agents such that the next time we submit an offer, they are inclined to choose us. It also means we had 135 chances to witness the work done by industry related professionals like contractors, lenders, and home builders. Working in the Louisville real estate industry at a high level has allowed us to become the local experts. 

Realtors offer access to live time home updates.

By the time you are viewing a home on Zillow, every buyer who is already working with an agent was notified before you. In a market like the one we are in today, every hour makes a difference. Homes are flying off the market at an astounding rate! That may not seem concerning until you’re laying in bed at night checking your emails and see an update from Zillow about a new listing with your dream kitchen, the perfect outdoor entertaining space, and a three car garage, and don’t know who to call to get you into the home. Many buyers are inclined to reach out to the listing agent at their next available chance, only to find out their sellers accepted an offer the evening before.Having an established long-term relationship with your Realtor can offer you access to these homes at the exact moment they are listed in the MLS. Our MLS platform alerts our clients first, and then syndicates our listings out to other websites second. 

Realtors are experienced in negotiation and creative problem solving.

    We often say that no two real estate transactions are alike. The amount of variables that go into a home purchase are plentiful and because we do this for a living, we see those different variables with high frequency. No two homes are alike, different types of jobs report income in different ways, different materials used to build homes need different levels of upkeep; the list goes on and on. Atop that, layer the perspectives each of a buyer and seller offering their own unique agendas and opinions. Some buyers may want to negotiate a price down and make repairs themselves while some buyers may want to ask the seller to complete repairs prior to their purchase so they can just move in. Some sellers may already have their mind on repairs needed in their new home, while some of them may be relocating for a job and ample time to move is important to them. Some sellers may be incapable either physically, mentally, or financially of taking on repairs. Every home purchase is so different. For this reason, having an experienced negotiator on your side can help you get what you want while still protecting your financial investment. We understand how to protect you legally during times like this. We can get creative and help you come to a solution whether that be negotiating up front with contract price and purchase timelines, negotiating important items during the repair phase, or communicating with lenders and appraisers during the appraisal and underwriting phases. Whatever is important to you at the time of your purchase can be achieved by going in with an experienced professional who will set you up for success in accordance to your specific needs.

A Realtor will maximize your time spent.

    Your time is very valuable. We have streamlined our processes to ensure efficiency in both time searching for homes and time under contract. We save you time looking for homes, showing them, negotiating contracts, and completing repairs. We even know which contractors we trust with our own homes because we have seen them complete projects for countless clients. Whether before, during, or after your real estate purchase, working with a trusted local expert will save you time! At the Withrow Group, we strive to be our clients primary resource for all things real estate. 

Your Realtor is aware of current market conditions.

    This week’s market is not like last week’s market. Our team scrutinizes local market trends. We compare them weekly, monthly, and quarterly, as well as year over year. We even compare our team numbers to the numbers of the rest of our industry professionals. In Louisville, you can trust the Withrow Group knows what the market is doing. This is helpful in many areas. It’s helpful knowledge to have when making repairs prior to selling, as well as after a purchase. You don’t want to overspend on improving your home to sell if the neighborhood market doesn’t support a proper return on your investment. It’s also helpful when pricing your home to sell. Understanding the neighborhood comps is important to your home’s value. We want you to understand the price range of your comparable properties, as well as what your home’s “sweet spot” is when pricing. We want our sellers to get the most money possible for their home and we want our buyers to get a good deal on their purchase. Knowing your home’s competition at the time of list is important to your strategy and timeline. At the Withrow Group, we dissect this information for you. We know how fast homes are selling in your area and we pride ourselves on being the market experts.

The Withrow Group is your go-to, local experts in real estate.

When you hire the Withrow Group, you are hiring a team of people who are dedicated to looking at all the options and finding your perfect match. We work creatively to help you invest wisely. We enjoy what we do and we spend a lot of time doing it. Helping our clients get into the homes that best suits their needs is our number one focus. We enjoy the lifestyle that Louisville offers and gain satisfaction from watching our clients plant roots in the various communities. We would be honored to be your resource in real estate. Call on us for all your home needs!

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